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Attributing Conversions to your Campaign

Define a conversion audience so we know when a visitor completes the action you want. Attribution helps us figure out when these conversions result from your ads.

Attribution is not a perfect science and there are many competing theories about what the most accurate method for determining a realistic attribution model is. We encourage you to do some research to decide which attribution model is right for you.


Adjust Attribution for AdRoll

Attribution can be adjusted in SettingsAttribution Settings. You can adjust conversion window and attribution percentage.


Conversion Window

Your conversion window is the number of days that can elapse after your visitor's interaction with your ad in order to attribute the conversion to your campaign. Our default conversion window setting is 7 days. You can change this anytime by navigating to SettingsAttribution Settings.

You should consider your sales cycle when you're setting your conversion window.

Attribution Percentage

Your attribution percentage controls what portion of attributable conversions are actually credited to your campaign. 

  • If you attribute 100% of conversions, all attributable conversions that occur within your conversion window will be credited to your campaign.
  • If you attribute 50% of conversions, only half of total attributable conversions that occurred within your conversion window will count.

Attribution percentages allow you to adjust attributed conversions based on consideration for likely impacts. For example, if you have more than one active marketing channel.


Attribution for View-Through Conversions

One of the simplest ways to measure success of your online campaigns is to track click-through conversions.

View-through conversions are a little trickier since there is no definitive action to show that your visitor engaged with your ad. Studies have shown that only 16% of people ever click, and half of those (8%) account for 85% of all clicks on display ads.

Measuring View-through Conversions reveals the true value of campaigns that raise brand awareness. In a study of the 93% of marketers that do attribute view-through conversions, most attribute around 25% of VTCs within a 30 day window and 100% for CTCs.


Cross-Device Attribution 

Accounting for cross-device usage is essential to understanding the full impact of campaigns that run ads on both desktop and mobile. This allows us to track conversions that your audience makes across platforms. You can learn more about how we use this data for cross-device attribution in our terms of service and privacy notice.
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