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Getting Retargeted by Your Own Ad

AdRoll's platform places your ads on sites where they have the best chance of engaging your users. There are several factors that contribute to where ads are served, including, but not limited to, industry, time of day, seasonality, intent of the user, bid-win rates, and more. Because of the in-depth algorithms that dictate ad placement, it's difficult to predict where you'll be able to see your ads.

See Your Ad in Action

Pro tip: Use an incognito window to start with a clean cookie slate, so you do not get retargeted by other brands you’ve recently engaged with.

  1. Visit your website.

  2. Click around your site to view different pages and products.

  3. Open a new tab in the same browser.

  4. Browse some of your favorite websites and blogs.


Additional Considerations

  • Make sure that your browser’s cookies are enabled.

  • Allow AdRoll and our other partner exchanges to target you. You can verify or adjust settings here.

  • Disable any adblocking software.

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