Confirm Your Marketo Integration

After you set up your Marketo integration, confirm it's working with the following steps:

  1. Wait 24 hours after setting up the integration.

  2. Go to your Marketo Admin page, then search Integrations for Web Services.


  3. Navigate to API Call InformationRequests in the Last 7 Days and click the number on the right.


  4. Your Marketo integration should be listed. If there are numbers below each date, the integration is working.



If your Marketo integration is not listed or if all the results are zero, ensure that you:

  • Waited at least 24 hours. Marketo data syncs every day at midnight PST.
  • Followed the correct setup. Make sure you enabled Share AdRoll data with Marketo.
  • Completed the Universal Opt In.
  • Have collected enough email addresses.
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