Import Marketo Lists and Fields

Once you’ve joined your AdRoll and Marketo Instance through the AdRoll-Marketo Connector, the next step is to import lists and fields from Marketo into AdRoll.

1. Navigate to your Website Audiences tab and click Connected Audiences

2. Click on New Audience and then Connect an Audience. 



3. Authorize your account and then within the Marketo Connector overview page, select Import Lists. Search and select all the lists you wish to import here.


4. Next, click Edit Syncing Fields > Add More Fields and search for the fields you want to import. Select your fields and click Done, then you’ll see a summary of your selection under the Syncing Fields on the Marketo overview page.  


Note: Each list has multiple attributes (often columns when you’re looking in Marketo) associated with it that are unique to each Marketo Instance. When importing lists, AdRoll requires three fields - company, vertical, and title - however, we recommend importing in any field that is either going to be useful for organizing your accounts and contacts, or any field you would like to use within personalized ads.
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