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Add UTMs to Your AdRoll Campaigns

UTM parameters are tags that are added to your website URL and tracked within Google Analytics and your AdRoll Cross-Channel tab. UTM parameters allow you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and identify common user touchpoints on the path to conversion.  

Note: UTMs are case-sensitive. This means that using AdRoll, Adroll, and adroll, as UTMs will display three different sources. Consistently using a format (eg. adroll) across your ad creative will make reports easy to understand. Here's a sample URL with UTMs:

UTMs can include various parameters. The following table provides a detailed explanation and example of each of the common campaign parameters.



Use campaign source (utm_source) to identify the source of your campaign.



Use utm_medium to identify a medium such as retargeting or brand awareness.



Use utm_campaign to identify a specific promotion or campaign.



Use utm_content to differentiate the type of ad, for example differentiating your static vs dynamic ads.


Appending UTMs to existing ads

  1. Go to the Ad Library tab in the left navigation menu.

  2. Hover over an ad that you want to add a UTM to.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Enter the destination URL with UTMs included.

Sample destination URL with UTMs:


Appending UTMs to new ads

  1. Go to the Ad Library tab in the left navigation menu.

  2. Click Upload Web Ads.

  3. Choose your file.

  4. Enter the destination URL with UTMs included.

Sample destination URL with UTMs:

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