Ad Status Definitions

Ads can have a different status depending on if the ad has been added to a campaign and the result of our Ad Review Process. Please see below for explanations of each ad status. 

Not In Review

If an ad has been uploaded to the Ad Library, but not yet added to a campaign, the ad status will be Not In Review. Ads must be added to a campaign in order to enter the Review Process. 

In Review

Once the ad is added to a campaign, it will be entered into our Ad Review Process to ensure the content on the Ad Landing Page and Ad Image or Video is compliant with our Advertising Policies. During this review process, the ad status will be In Review.

Generally, ads are reviewed within 1 business day. Ad review may take longer if a more comprehensive review is required. The status of the ad will automatically update to reflect the outcome of the review.


If the ad passes the review process, the ad status will automatically change to Approved. The ad will start to spend if it is assigned to at least one running campaign and has been accepted by our Ad Exchange Partners.


If the ad does not pass the Ad Review Process, the ad status will change to Suspended. This means the ad is not eligible to run in any campaigns. An email will be sent with more details of the policy violation and information on how to fix the ad so that it is compliant with our Advertising Policies

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