Marketing and Ads Plus Package

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Our plans

As a marketing & advertising platform, we offer a comprehensive set of solutions that help save time and grow your business. Grow audience with upper-funnel brand awareness, grow revenue with lower-funnel retargeting, or do both! All via one platform that combines web-based ads, social media ads, email marketing, and the right analytics and reporting so you can make sure your marketing & ad spend goes farthest. 

Important: AdRoll will only bill for the web spend. All social spend is billed directly by the social channels.

The Marketing & Ads Plus package

The Marketing & Ads Plus package is our full, most powerful version of our platform! Web-based ads, connected social media ads, email marketing, audience segmentation, and our suite of analytics and optimization tools.

This package is for those who realize today’s customer journey is 50+ touchpoints and who therefore want to reach both existing and new customers, on multiple channels, in a coordinated manner, from one easy-to-use control center. This package is priced based on your website’s traffic (monthly unique visitors), so we only grow when you grow.

This package is also ideal for email-heavy marketers and brands. While other marketing platforms charge based on the number of contacts or emails sent, the Marketing & Ads Plus package includes UNLIMITED EMAILS. This can be a monumental saving for email-centric businesses. You get a free 30-day trial to see how this plan can benefit you however the extension of the free trial is not available. 


The Ads package

The Ads package is for those who decide that out of our full platform, they just want our industry-leading web-based ads. Our flagship for 15 years, this package includes access to more than 2 million publisher sites and apps. Get your brand awareness or retargeting ads in front of the right eyes at the right times and places to drive web traffic and revenue.


This package is ideal if you already have a mature marketing tech stack and the missing piece is web-based ads. It's also ideal for young brands wanting to “toe the waters” of digital advertising and test what it does for your business before committing to the channel.

To see a list of features for either plan, check out our plans and pricing page.

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