How to install AdRoll for Wix

Save time setting up by connecting your Wix store to AdRoll. With a few clicks, we'll automatically configure settings such as your shopping cart URL and product feed. All you need to do is connect and we'll take it from there.

Benefits of our Wix integration

  • Places the AdRoll pixel on all pages of your Wix store.
  • Create key audiences: 
    • Wix Viewed Product
    • Wix Added Product to Cart
    • Wix Viewed Product
    • Wix Made Purchase (conversion)
    • All visitors
  • Ingests your product feed from your Wix store and generates dynamic ads with dozens of templates options available.
  • Access to high-performing dynamic ads: Generates a product feed for you to run dynamic ads for no added cost.
  • Track the number of sales and amount of revenue driven by the AdRoll campaign using an automatically-created conversion segment that passes back exact conversion values.

Connect AdRoll to your Wix store

To connect AdRoll to your Wix store:

  1. Click show all to view available integrations and select Wix.


    If you are logged in to your Wix store, AdRoll will automatically detect and recommend this connection.


  2. Click Connect.


  3. Select your store. You will be prompted to log in to your Wix account if you’re not already logged in. 


  4. AdRoll will request access to information in your Wix store. Review this list and click Add to Site to grant access.


  5. Congratulations! Your Wix store is now connected to AdRoll! 


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