Checking your pixel status


Hovering over your Active, Dropped, or Inactive pixel status on the homepage will show you 2 pieces of information:

  1. Created Date: This is the date when the pixel was first created. AdRoll creates the pixel code as part of account registration. 
  2. Last Received: This is the time since your last pixel activity event was received.
    In the last 15 minutes’ means, we have received at least one-pixel event in the last 15 minutes.
    • Last Received status intervals:

      • In the last 15 minutes
      • In the last 1 hour
      • In the last 3 hours
      • In the last 6 hours
      • In the last 12 hours
      • In the last 24 hours

Note: The time zone displayed will be your local timezone.

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