Median Pixel Load Time

The Median Pixel Load Time card is a quick tool that helps you understand how fast the AdRoll Pixel is loading on your website, as well as which pages have slower load times.

You can find this tool under Audiences > Website Audiences.

To calculate the Median Pixel Load Time we consider a sample of URLs and calculate the average loading time. Once a day, we recalculate the average load time on the pages where the pixel is placed.

Status Pixel Load Time
Slow >= 5 seconds
Medium between 3 and 5 seconds
Fast <= 3 seconds


Slow Pixel Loading Time

If the pixel load time is slow you may likely be missing out on tracking and de-anonymizing website visitors which can lead to poor advertising performance.

The actions you may take to improve the pixel load time will be specific to your own website. Download the report to understand which specific pages have slow Pixel load times over 5 seconds and talk to your website administrator to understand what third-party scripts or resources may be loading before the AdRoll Pixel.

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