Third-Party Ad Tags

Third-Party ad tags are for managed accounts only.

We don’t recommend using third-party ads, because they aren’t compatible across the majority of inventory sources we offer (including Facebook and Native), and you won’t be able to take advantage of any of our future offerings around creative optimization.


A third-party ad is a snippet of JavaScript code generated from a third-party ad server in the form of an ad tag (also known as a third party ad tag). The ad tag is a digital container that allows that ads to be displayed. AdRoll collects the ad tag from you and displays the ads you’ve created from a third party. With third-party ads, there is no need to update ads in your campaigns. Any ad change on the third-party ad server will reflect on the single ad tag.

Recommended Sizes

See Web Image Ads

Note: This ad format can't be used on social or native ad inventory.

Format Guidelines

Supported File Types JPG and PNG (non-animated), GIF (up to 30 seconds, 15-20 fps, no looping)
File Size Up to 150KB
Destination URL (includes UTM Parameters) URLs cannot lead directly to a payment processor (e.g. PayPal) or video (e.g. YouTube).
Security All ads must be Secure Socket Layer (SSL) compliant. This means that all URLs contained in third party ad tag code snippets must use HTTPS. This is also applicable for all additional URLs that are loaded via redirects.

Click URL Macro

An AdRoll Click URL Macro is necessary if the system doesn't automatically detect one in the tag. 

Click Macro's
  1. [adrclickurl]
  2. [adrclickurl_unesc]
Tip: It's crucial to obtain instructions from the third-party tag provider regarding the placement of these click macros. The instructions should also specify whether the URL needs to be encoded or decoded. Failure to add or add them incorrectly may lead to our system being unable to track clicks. Provide the Customer Support team or your Account Manager with these instructions, and we will upload the Ads accordingly.

Create Third-Party Ads

  1. Reach out to your account manager to enable this feature on your AdRoll account.

  2. Create your Ad Tags with any of our supported vendors while ensuring that all requirements are met.

  3. Upload the Ad Tags to your AdRoll account.

    1. Navigate to Ads > Create > Create Third Party Ads.

    2. Enter a name for the ad..

    3. Select the ad size.

    4. Enter the final destination URL.
    5. Copy and paste the entire ad tag code into the field labeled Third-party ad tag code. Make sure to copy the actual text, not the cell if it's in a spreadsheet.

    6. If you have multiple ad tags to upload, select Add An Additional Tag and a new box will appear for you to repeat the process.

  4. Submit.

  5. Add these to your campaigns like any other ad.

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