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GDPR Compliance

The GDPR legislation establishes new requirements on companies that collect, use, and share data from European Union (EU) citizens.

To gather consent from EU residents, we have built a new tool that collects cookie consent from EU residents without disrupting your other site visitors around the world.  You can choose to activate our tool, or use a solution of your own. In addition, AdRoll Group has joined industry leaders partnering with the IAB EU in an effort to create an industry-wide solution for GDPR compliance. Learn more at

How this affects your site traffic

  • If your company is based in the European Union, all of your traffic, EU and non-EU, needs to comply with GDPR. All of your site traffic will be shown your cookie consent tool.
  • If your company is based outside of the EU, your EU traffic needs to be compliant. Only your site traffic from within the EU will be shown your cookie consent tool.

Your GDPR customer requests

If you have customers who want to see data such as their statistics and personal information, or customers who want to be forgotten, you can reach out to our Customer Support team for assistance.

For your customers who want to see their data, available data will depend on how the customers were tracked.

  • If your customer was tracked through a cookie by visiting one of our partners or another AdRoll Group client, we will need the customer to provide their AdRoll Group cookie ID to remove any associated data or to provide raw data.
  • If your customer was tracked via email address, from an AdRoll Group client CRM list, the customer will need  to provide their email address to remove any associated data or to provide raw data.

Remarketing with GDPR

AdRoll Group can still do cookie-based targeting and remarketing under GDPR, but in some instances we need more robust consent prior to placing a cookie. We’ll do this through a GDPR and ePrivacy-directive notice and consent tool.

Our GDPR solutions are aimed at helping you to comply with GDPR while maintaining your overall ad performance.

For more information, check out our AdRoll Group GDPR web page.

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