NextRoll Data Collection

The data we collect

The AdRoll Pixel collects the following types of data on any page where the pixel loads:

HTTP headers

Headers are sent by default from a user browser to any server request. They include some basic data like IP address, user agent (which includes information like browser model and version), the referrer (URL of the page that linked to the page the user is visiting, if any), and the URL of the page the user is visiting.

Advertiser specific data

These are 2 values (advertisable ID and pixel ID) that we use to identify the account of the site’s owner in our system

Site Activity

User actions taken while navigating web pages that have our pixel.

User identifier

Each browser gets a unique NextRoll identifier (cookie ID) so we can recognize that browser.

Additional optional values

Marketers can optionally choose for NextRoll, Inc. to collect additional data through the AdRoll Group Pixel for some specific use cases. For example:

  • User email addresses: either in hashed form for connecting the same user across devices, or in clear text for reporting purposes such as creating a report of all users that convert after interacting with ads.
  • Order ID or conversion values, for more actionable reporting on what transactions your campaigns drove.
  • Product ID, for allowing us to show ads of specific products a user has viewed.

What we do with the data

NextRoll, Inc. provides targeted advertising services for advertiser clients ("Advertisers"). The AdRoll Group platform uses cookies, tracking pixels and related technologies to provide our services for Advertisers.  When someone visits a website operated by an Advertiser or a third party site where NextRoll, Inc could serve an ad, NextRoll, Inc. may collect some or all of the data described in our Service Privacy Notice, in order to enable NextRoll, Inc to do cookie matching. The NextRoll platform uses that data as well as other data to help advertisers serve relevant ads to their customers.

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