Custom Cookie Consent Banner Best Practices

Legal Note: This is not legal advice, but rather guidelines based on the current regulatory activity in the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (UK), Brazil (BR), Canada (Quebec) and NextRoll’s services. The guidelines may change over time to reflect updated best practices. You should consult with your own counsel, privacy professionals, and/or internal resources to determine a comprehensive and appropriate cookie consent solution for your business and your marketing activities.

If you're building your own cookie consent banner or using a third-party banner, make sure you follow these best practices from both a technical and a compliance perspective.

Visual Notice

Any visitor to your site[s] from a region that requires opt-in consent (e.g., the European Union, United Kingdom, Brazil or Quebec) must grant consent for NextRoll specifically to process their personal data through cookies and similar tracking technologies. 

To accomplish this, you need some type of visual element on your site that clearly requests consent from the site visitor and allows the visitor to reject the collection of personal data without rejection of the services. The visual element for granting or declining consent must be unavoidable. Make sure that it isn't hidden and that its size and colors do not blend into the background of your site.

The visual element of the CMP/Cookie Banner must explain, at least:  

  • What specific personal data will be collected and processed
  • The specific purposes for processing the personal data collected
  • The technologies and methods used to collect the data
  • The data retention periods of the specific personal data collected for an enumerated purpose
  • The third-parties with whom the personal data will be shared; how to contact those parties; and the lawful basis these parties rely on in collecting personal data
  • This is a non-exhaustive list addressing the requirements for consent based on NextRoll’s technology and marketing services, including digital advertising. 
  • NextRoll strongly recommends that you consult with an attorney or privacy professional to reflect the needs of your specific business.

Below is how we present the notice for sites using our NextRoll Cookie Consent Banner. The Settings button in the top right can be clicked to get into a second layer of disclosures showing the advertising partners and their respective contact information, as well as the purposes and features these partners use in processing the personal data shared by NextRoll.

Notice Content

The content of your notice should be clear enough for any visitor to understand their options, which services and vendors are going to be tracking them, and why.

Example: We and our partners use technology such as cookies on our site to personalize content and ads, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic. Click below to consent to the use of this technology across the web.

For NextRoll in particular:

  • Reference the words “advertising” or “ads,” as well as “targeting” or “personalization.” These are the primary purposes for which NextRoll processes personal data, so visitors to your site[s] should be clearly aware of this purpose.
  • Reference NextRoll and link to our Privacy Notice ( This reference doesn’t need to be on the first page of your notice, it can be on a second page you link to, but we want to make sure that your visitors can easily find out that we are collecting data from them and how to exercise their choices with us.

Pixel Firing Sequencing

To make sure the visitor has had a chance to exercise consent, we need to guarantee that they are presented with the visual notice before any tracking occurs.

For this, make sure you're waiting for a visitor action (click on "Yes" or "Allow Cookies") before you deploy the NextRoll Pixel.

TCF v2.0 Compliance and the new TCF v2.2

TCF v2.0 is a Transparency and Consent Framework built by the International Advertising Bureau (EU) that enables consumers to grant or withhold consent. 

NextRoll requires its customers to use TCFv2.0 compliant banners. Here is the list of TCFv2.0 approved CMPs.

You can also use the default NextRoll Cookie Consent Banner, which is TCFv2.0 compliant.

An updated TCF (version 2.2) will be deployed by November 20, 2023. To learn more, please visit the IAB’s TCF site here.

Quickstart Resources

Here's a checklist to help make sure your banner meets our best practices: 

  • Visual Notice: Banner must be easy to see.
  • Notice Content: 
    • "NextRoll” must be listed somewhere in the banner.
    • State that cookies are being used for advertising purposes.
  • TCF v2.0 Compliance: Banner must meet the TCF v2.0 standard.
  • Sequence: Consent must be obtained prior to collecting data.
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