Third-Party Cookie Consent Banner: Cookie Control by Civic

Legal Note: This is not legal advice, but rather guidelines based on the current regulatory activity in the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (UK), Brazil (BR), and NextRoll’s services. The guidelines may change over time to reflect updated best practices. You should consult with your own counsel, privacy professionals, and/or internal resources to determine a comprehensive and appropriate cookie consent solution for your business and your marketing activities.

To show ads to site visitors in the EU, UK, or Brazil, you have to install a cookie consent tool. We’ve made this easy for you with our NextRoll Cookie Consent Tool, but you can also use outside consent tools. If you choose to submit an external consent tool, you’ll need to wait a few days for NextRoll to approve.

While we don’t currently endorse any specific tool, we want to provide guidance on how best to set up these tools to work with our services.

Install the Civic cookie consent tool 

  1. Sign up for the banner solution.

  2. Copy/paste the provided script into the <body> tag.

  3. Edit your current NextRoll Pixel:

    1. Remove the opening script tag.

    2. Remove or comment out the var _onload line.

    3. Remove or comment out the if (document.readyState… line.

    4. Remove or comment out {__adroll_loaded=true;setTimeout(_onload, 50);return}

    5. Add a { after if (!window.__adroll_loaded)

    6. Remove the if-else statements at the end.

  4. Add this into the marketing onAccept function and update the description, etc.

  5. Alter the onRevoke function:




  6. Set this banner to always appear:
    In the line immediately above the position and theme, add initialState: "OPEN",

  7. Publish your changes.

Test your tool

  1. Go to Inspect > Application > Cookies > Clear.

  2. Open the network tab and search for roundtrip - it should not be there.

  3. Refresh the page, roundtrip should still not be there.

  4. Toggle the marketing choice to ON.

  5. You should now see roundtrip in the network calls.

  6. This should indicate that the AdRoll Pixel is now firing.

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