How to Use AI-Generated Suggestions for Contextual and Demographic & Interest Targeting


Struggling to pinpoint the perfect audience for your ads? Let AI be your friendly helper! This guide will show you how to leverage AdRoll's AI assistant to generate suggestions for contextual and demographic & interest targeting, ensuring your campaigns reach the right people at the right time.

Contextual Targeting 

Reach new customers by placing your ads alongside content relevant to their interests. With AdRoll's contextual targeting, you can showcase your brand to potential customers who are already actively engaging with similar products or services.

Choosing Categories

Unsure which categories to target? No problem! Simply tell AdRoll's AI assistant about the kind of product or service you offer, and it will suggest relevant topics to target. 


Demographic & Interest Targeting 

Note: Demographic & Interest targeting on the web is only available for advertisers in the US and Canada. 

Think of demographics as the who - location, income, and similar attributes. Interests dig deeper, targeting the why - what people care about, like hobbies and browsing habits.

Choosing Attributes 

Similar to contextual targeting, AdRoll's AI assistant can help you identify relevant demographics and interests for your target audience. Just provide details about your product or service, and the AI will generate suggestions to consider.

If the AI assistant can't provide specific demographic or interest suggestions, don't worry! It will still offer a relevant contextual topic to get your campaign started.

Disclaimer: While AI-generated suggestions are a valuable starting point, they should not be considered the final say. We recommend reviewing and refining your selections based on your specific campaign goals and audience insights.

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