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We will respond as soon as humanly possible. is a hub for all of your website data, and integrating with AdRoll helps you create your audience using that data. You will need to set up on your website before you can move forward with passing information to AdRoll. Click here to access's documentation on getting started.

Connect AdRoll to

  1. On the Source tab of, pick your data source. This should be your website.

  2. Next, go to Integrations and search for AdRoll, then select.

  3. In Settings you'll need to copy and paste your Advertiser ID (adroll_adv_id) and Pixel ID (adroll_pix_id) from your AdRoll Pixel. Fill these in and click Enable Integration.

Track events in AdRoll

  1. Create a Fixed audience in AdRoll. You'll need your copied ID for

  2. Navigate to Advanced Settings in This is where you'll map events that occur on your website to your AdRoll audience.
  3. Enter the copied AdRoll audience ID in the first field.

  4. In the second field, paste your ID.

  5. Click Add Row and repeat these steps for each additional audience you want to track. 

Enhanced conversion tracking has several prebuilt variables that you can use to record enhanced conversion data:

  • Events with property revenue tracks to adroll_conversion_value.

  • "Completed Order" events with property currency track as adroll_currency.

  • "Completed Order" events with property orderId, track as order_id.

  • "Viewed Product" or "Added Product" events with property id will track to product_id.

  • This list is not exclusive, you can track any other label/value pair of your choosing as custom data.

Learn more about the connection.

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