Ticketmaster Clients are able to add third party tracking to their events using FanBuilder. If you don’t currently use Ticketmaster ONE, contact your access control administrator or your TM Marketing Services representative. 

AdRoll is one of the preferred pixel vendors available in FanBuilder. This automates many portions of the tracking code and only requires a few pieces of information from your AdRoll code to complete your placement.


Advertiser ID: the contents of adroll_adv_id

Pixel ID: the contents of adroll_pix_id

Segment Name (optional): the contents of adroll_segments, if present

You may also include additional data using the Custom Parameters option.


The Create Pixel Campaign screen will guide you through the placement for your events. Choose AdRoll from the Pixel Vendor list and add the above information when prompted. FanBuilder will activate the AdRoll tracking code on the pages and schedule provided. The Confirmation Page will additionally set the adroll_conversion_value and adroll_currency variables to track sales conversions.

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