AdRoll Cookies and Opt-Out Options 


In online advertising and user tracking, cookies are vital tools. AdRoll, a prominent figure in the digital marketing landscape, employs various cookies to offer personalized ads and monitor user interactions. This article provides insights into some of AdRoll's key cookies, including "_adroll," "_adroll_shared," "_adroll_fpc," and "__ar_v4," and explains how users can exercise their right to opt out of AdRoll's advertising. 

Understanding these cookies and the available opt-out options is essential for users who want to protect their privacy and tailor their online advertising experience to their preferences. AdRoll values transparency and user choice, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their online interactions with our services.

Understanding AdRoll's Cookies

AdRoll's cookies are fundamental to our online advertising and tracking endeavors. Here's a brief overview of some of the key cookies used by AdRoll:

  1. "_adroll": This cookie is used to track user interactions with AdRoll advertisements and the websites where these ads are displayed. It enables us to deliver more relevant ads to users.
  2. "_adroll_shared": This cookie facilitates cross-device tracking, allowing us to understand user behavior across various platforms, including mobile devices and desktops.
  3. "_adroll_fpc": "_adroll_fpc" stands for "first-party cookie" and is set by the AdRoll domain. It helps us track user interactions and engagement with our ads and services.
  4. "__ar_v4": This cookie is associated with AdRoll's attribution and tracking efforts, providing insights into the effectiveness of our campaigns.

For more detailed information about these cookies and our data collection and usage policies, we encourage users to consult AdRoll's privacy policy. Our privacy policy provides comprehensive insights into the cookies we use, the data we collect, and how it is utilized.

Opt-Out Options

AdRoll respects users' choices regarding online advertising and provides several convenient opt-out options for those who wish to stop receiving AdRoll ads or limit their tracking. Here are some of the ways users can exercise their right to opt-out,

Opt-Out Icon: AdRoll ads typically feature a blue icon in the corner. Users can click on this icon to opt out of AdRoll's advertising. They may then click here to opt out of receiving personalized ads served by NextRoll.

  1. NAI (Network Advertising Initiative):
    • NextRoll is an NAI member, adhering to the NAI Code of Conduct.
    • Users can opt out of interest-based ads from NextRoll and other NAI members using the NAI opt-out tool

NextRoll complies with the DAA's, DAAC's, and EDAA's Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising.

  1. DAA (Digital Advertising Alliance):
    • United States users can opt out of personalized ads from NextRoll and partners via the DAA opt-out tool.
  2. DAAC (Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada):
    • Canadian users can opt out of personalized ads from NextRoll and partners through the DAAC opt-out tool.
  3. EDAA (European Interactive Advertising Digital Alliance):
    • European users can opt out of personalized ads from NextRoll and partners using the EDAA opt-out tool.

These tools and affiliations enable you to manage online advertising preferences, enhancing the online experience while safeguarding privacy.


The AdChoices icon, typically featured in AdRoll ads, signifies the ability to opt-out. Clicking on it leads you to a subsequent page where you can opt out of AdRoll's advertising and make choices about receiving personalized ads served by NextRoll.

1. AdChoices icon on the banner below:

2. The subsequent page:

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