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Advertiser Profiles

Advertiser profiles help you manage campaigns for multiple websites in a single AdRoll account. Each profile you create generates a unique AdRoll Pixel for you to activate on the corresponding website, and essentially functions as its own AdRoll account.

Your first advertiser profile is generated using the website URL submitted when you signed up.


Create a new advertiser profile

Add, edit, or delete profiles in your account by navigating to Settings > Advertiser Profiles.

  1. Click New Profile.

  2. Name your profile and enter your website URL.

  3. Select a Billing Account for the advertiser profile.
  4. Save.

Switch between advertiser profiles

Once you’ve created your new profile, refresh the page. In the top right corner, you'll see the name of the profile that you're viewing. Click on this name to drop down a menu of available profiles on the account, then click on the profile names to toggle between them.


Manage access

Access to specific profiles can be managed through Additional UsersLearn more about managing profiles. 


Performance overview

When you open the menu to toggle between profiles, you'll see an All Advertiser Profiles button at the bottom. Click on it for an overview of performance across profiles.

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