Klaviyo Integration

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Connect your Klaviyo account to AdRoll to import your lists and segments! These lists and segments will be available to target in your AdRoll ad campaigns.

Points to Remember

  • We will only import Klaviyo lists and segments that have been created or updated in the past year. 
  • Klaviyo lists and segments can only be used in web campaigns or imported social campaigns. They cannot be used in AdRoll Email Campaigns or in Recipes.
  • Klaviyo lists and segments cannot currently be edited in AdRoll. We will refresh them nightly to keep them up to date.
  • While you will be able to view the Klaviyo lists and segments in AdRoll, you will not be able to use the contacts to create a new list within AdRoll.
  • You need a minimum of 100 contacts in an audience to serve but we recommend larger audiences to ensure campaigns fulfill. 

How to integrate Klaviyo with AdRoll? 

  1. Navigate to the integrations page on your AdRoll dashboard


  2. Select the “Klaviyo” tile and press “Connect Klaviyo”. 
  3. Now you will need to "Create an API key in Klaviyo" - Go to your Klaviyo account and navigate to “Settings” and click on “API Keys
  4. Select “Create a Private API Key
  5. Name your API Key 
  6. Select “Full Access” or “Read Only” key. A Full Access Key or Read Only key is required for this integration. If we do not have read only or full access to all API scopes, the integration will fail.
  7. Create the Key
  8. Now, go back to the AdRoll Klaviyo connection page in AdRoll
  9. Copy and Paste your API Key into the “API Key” field in AdRoll
  10. Press connect!

Your segments and lists will be available in both your AdRoll Web campaign setup flow as well as in the “Connected Audiences” section of your Website Audiences page.

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