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Spend Levels and Services

You have complete control of your budget with AdRoll – set your budget for each campaign and adjust it at any time.

Note: The minimum budget per day is $10.

The AdRoll platform is easy to use and you can manage all aspects of your campaigns yourself, or if you’re interested in getting some extra help, we offer various kinds of services, from onboarding support, to creative design, to account management, to strategy, based on your monthly spend.  


Level 1: Less than $1,000 / month

  • Onboarding Setup: Online Chat, Email & Help Center
  • Ongoing Support: Online Chat, Email & Help Center
  • Creative Support: 4x/year

Level 2: $1,000 to $5,000 / month

All services from Level 1, plus:

  • Onboarding Setup: Dedicated Onboarding Specialist
  • Ongoing Support: Account Manager
  • Creative Support: 4x/year
  • Strategic Support: Quarterly

Level 3: $5,000 to $10,000 / month 

All services from Level 2, plus:

  • Onboarding Setup: Strategy and Technical Sessions
  • Creative Support: Monthly + Custom Dynamic Ads
  • Strategic Support: Monthly + Strategic Reporting

Level 4: Over $10,000 / month 

All services from Level 3, plus:

  • Onboarding Setup: Knowledge Center and Team Training
  • Ongoing Support: Strategic Account Team
  • Creative Support: Ongoing
  • Strategic Support: Bi-weekly + Dedicated Performance Optimization Team 
  • Technical Support: Dedicated API Support



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