Credits and Refunds


When you receive credits to your account, they'll appear in the billing invoice for the cycle in which the credits were issued. Credits can only be applied by an Account Manager or Customer Support.


First, to prevent any further charges to your billing account, either complete or pause all campaigns. If campaigns are still active, there's a chance you'll be billed for spend and services rendered.

You're eligible for refunds up to 180 days after all campaign completions. Refunds are issued to the payment method originally charged, as long as there's a positive balance available to refund. Refunds provided to you through your original payment typically take 5-7 business days. However, time it takes to reflect in your bank account varies by financial institution.

If there's an excess positive balance in your account or if you have a billing dispute, please reach out to our Customer Support team or to your Account Manager. In the case that the payment method originally charged is tied to a closed account, please reach out to the Customer Support team for other options.

Free trials

Our Starter Plan is completely free. We also offer a 30-day free trial of our Growth plan.

Account cancellation

To cancel your account please reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Support team.

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