AdRoll API Overview

The AdRoll API allows you to automate tasks that you usually do on the AdRoll platform. You can also integrate the AdRoll API into your existing workflows.

Most functionality found in the AdRoll platform is available via the API. For example, you could write a script that bulk imports your ad creative into AdRoll or automatically add new emails to a CRM audience once a week. 


The CRUD API provides most of the functionality found in AdRoll. This API allows you to manage campaigns, advertisements, pixels, and more.

Reporting API

The Reporting API provides data useful for generating your own reports. It includes data on segments, deliveries, and more.

Audience API

The Audience API allows you to create and update CRM segments.

AdRoll SQL

AdRoll SQL sends your AdRoll performance (impressions, clicks, conversions) into a database that you host. This allows you to include this data as part of your ETL pipeline.

Get started

Check out the Getting Started Guide on our Developer site.

You can also access your AdRoll performance data using AdRoll SQL.

Contact the team

For API questions, contact the API team.

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