AdRoll Data Available in NinjaCat

  • Executive Summary for high-level overview
  • Reports aggregated by Campaign or by Ad
  • Supported Metrics
    • Clicks
    • Impressions
    • Cost
    • CTR
    • CPC
    • Average CPM
    • Cost / Conversion
    • Conversions
    • Conversion Rate
    • View Through Conversions (VTC)
    • VTC Rate
    • Click Through Conversions (CTC)
    • CTC Rate
  • Supported filters
    • Clicks filter


View Your AdRoll Marketing Metrics in NinjaCat

NinjaCat subscribers can aggregate data across multiple advertising channels. This gives agencies the ability to provide consistent client reports and dashboards to help prove your value to your advertisers. 

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  1. Login

    Navigate to and log in to your NinjaCat account.

  2. Add account and data source

    Click Add Account. Within the account command center, click Add Data Source to add your AdRoll profile:

  3. Add AdRoll widgets to your template

    Once you connect your data source, drop your desired AdRoll widgets into your foundation report templates, set a date range, select your metrics, and save your updated report template.

  4. Run your client reports

    When your report template is complete, the next time your reports are scheduled to run your AdRoll data will appear in the reports along with all of your other marketing channels.

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