You can now check out your AdRoll metrics from TapClicks.

AdRoll metrics available in TapClicks

 You can view any of the following metrics that are available for your AdRoll campaigns:

  • Spend
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Total conversions
  • Click-through conversions (CTC)
  • View-through conversions (VTC)
  • Adjusted total conversions
  • Adjusted CTC
  • Adjusted VTC
  • Attributed revenue
  • Attributed click-through revenue
  • Attributed view-through revenue
  • Campaign name
  • Budget
  • Ad name
  • Ad type
  • Ad size
  • Ad format
  • Ad status


Viewing AdRoll marketing metrics in TapClicks

  1. Select AdRoll from the TapClicks Integration Services Dashboard and click Connect.

  2. Add your AdRoll account by entering your AdRoll login credentials.

  3. Access your Account Settings by clicking your username in the top-right corner of the page.

  4. Enable the checkbox Enable HTTP Digest API?

  5. Save and copy the auto-generated API key.

  6. Enter your username and password.

  7. Select a specific AdRoll account and a client to associate the account with.

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