Discrepancies between Daily Spend and Daily Budget

Your daily budget is the average amount set for your AdRoll campaign to spend per day. Some days, your campaign may see more opportunities to drive results, so AdRoll may use up to 20% more than your daily budget to show your ads more often.

For example, if your daily budget is $10, we might spend up to $12 on a given day. Your monthly spend won't exceed your total monthly budget in any given month.

When Daily Spend Is Greater than Daily Budget

You can specify an average daily budget for all of your AdRoll campaigns. If you notice that daily spend is more than your specified daily budget, that means your campaign is spending more on days with more opportunities and less on other days. Factors like weekends, seasonality, and holidays can all impact how many opportunities are available each day.

This flexibility allows your campaigns to drive the best results on busy days.

How We Prevent Overspending

AdRoll automatically sets a monthly charging limit. As long as your budget is consistent for an entire month, you won’t be charged more than your daily budget multiplied by the average number of days in a month, which is 30.4 (365 days in a year ÷ 12 months).

Adjusting an Active Campaign

If you change your daily budget throughout the month, your daily spend will reflect your latest specifications. Your existing monthly charging limit will be removed and a new one is created each time you change your daily budget.

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