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AdRoll Email CPC Pricing

AdRoll Email prices on a performance based pricing model: CPC (cost-per-click). We charge $1USD per click.

That means that we charge you exclusively when a user clicks on a link in one of your emails.


How do we count clicks?

We count a unique click when a user clicks on any link in the email (except the unsubscribe link of course!) after 30 minutes from the their last unique click.

We've seen a common pattern of users clicking an individual email multiple times in a short time frame, so you only pay for unique clicks that occur more than 30 minutes apart.

This includes links going to other properties that you have set up (e.g. if your email has a link to your Facebook account, we'll also count those clicks).


Here are some examples of how this works:

  • User A opens one email and doesn't click. We don't count a click.

  • User B opens one email and clicks once. We count 1 click.

  • User C opens one email and clicks twice in 15 minutes. We count 1 click.


How much does a click cost?

Easy, $1 CPC

Here’s a sample timeline of clicks and costs:


This customer would be charged $2 for 2 unique clicks within two 30 minute windows beginning from the initial click.


How much budget am I going to spend?

AdRoll emails users showing high intent, so people recently visiting your site. That means that we are high performance but low spend.

By default your Email campaigns are set to maximize clicks, meaning there is no budget on your campaigns.

If you want to set a maximum number of clicks or budget on your campaigns, simply edit the field, input your desired budget and click Save.

How do I cancel my account?

There is no need to 'cancel' your account. Just pause all your campaigns, same way as you will do on AdRoll. All charges will stop 7 days after your pause. Please note that we will still collect emails until you opt-out from Email. 


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