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Campaign Goals and Targeting

Email Goals

  •    Starter campaign (Recommended): Intelligently email all of your AdRoll Email (matched) contacts, excluding those that have converted.
  • Recover cart abandoners: Trigger emails to potential customers that leave items in their cart without purchasing.

  • Sell to past purchasers: Boost customer loyalty and promote new products with emails to former customers.

  • Choose your own adventure: Build out your own targeting criteria based on pages visited.

Aan de slag

We recommend beginning with a Starter Campaign. Starter Campaigns target your entire audience, excluding converted customers. AdRoll Email intelligently determines the right time and message to send, based on the user's onsite behavior.

If your strategy calls for more granular targeting:

We designed our goals to match yours. Each goal corresponds to a certain segment type (cart, conversion, or category page), and we'll try to match them for you.

If you do not have the segment needed for a particular goal, we'll check with you to see if another segment that already exists can work.

If none of the segments listed are correct, click "NONE OF THESE". We'll then guide you through creating a new segment. 


Edit the Target Audience

Change your campaign's target audience at any time by editing your campaign and updating the "To:" field right below your campaign's name.


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