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Een campagne starten

To launch a campaign, you must be signed in to your AdRoll dashboard. Before you launch, make sure your AdRoll Pixel is active.

Een nieuwe campagne maken

Klik om te starten op Nieuwe campagne maken aan de rechterzijde.

  1. Choose whether you want to run ads on Web, Facebook, or Email.

    • Web is good for reach: We serve your ads everywhere your visitors go on the general web.

    • Facebook is good for social engagement: Visitors can like, comment, and share your post with their network.

    • Email is good for direct contact: Send your message straight to the inbox.
  2. Customize your campaign settings

    • Budget: Minimum required budget is $25.

    • Schedule: By default, your campaign is set to start immediately with no end date (you can specify an end date later by editing your campaign). We recommend a two week minimum for your campaign.

    • Geotargets: You can set geotargets to target or exclude specific locations.

  3. Kies uw doelgroep.

    • If you're running a general brand campaign or just getting started, we recommend targeting All Visitors.

  4. Kies uw advertenties.

    • To receive free custom ads made by our in-house Design Squad, select Request Ads.

    • U kunt uw eigen advertenties uploaden door uw bestanden hier naartoe te verslepen of door ze op te zoeken.

  5. Betaling en controle

    • You must enter a CC or link PayPal to launch your campaign. If you have promotional credit to cover your weekly campaign budget, you will not be charged when your campaign is approved to run.

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