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Note: AdRoll has shifted over to an Automatic Post-Pay billing system. Check out how it works.


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When We Charge

Er zijn twee evenementen gekoppeld aan kosten aangerekend door AdRoll:

  1. You've just launched a new campaign, and you don't have enough credit in your account balance to cover your campaign budget.

  2. Your campaign is spending, and we need to replenish your account balance for the upcoming week. 

How Billing Works

Uw accountsaldo = het kredietbedrag in uw account op een willekeurig moment.

Uw vereiste saldo = het kredietbedrag dat we nodig hebben om het totaalbedrag van uw campagnebudgetten te kunnen betalen.

Uw vereiste saldo - uw accountsaldo = het bedrag dat we u factureren om uw account aan te vullen

Your campaign budget is the target amount you want to spend per campaign. We work on a weekly pre-pay system, which means that at the start of each week, we need enough credit in your account balance to fulfill your budget. To see what your current account balance is, check "Billing History."

A quick required balance example

Als uw campagnebudget voor de week € 30 is, moet het saldo van uw rekening € 30 bevatten.

Als u twee campagnes hebt met elk een budget van € 30 voor die week, moet het saldo van uw rekening in totaal € 60 bevatten (€ 30 x 2).

The total of your campaign budgets for the week, the amount needed in your balance, is your required balance.

Gedurende de week halen we geld van uw accountsaldo om te betalen voor de advertentieruimte waarin uw advertenties verschijnen. Aan het einde van de week factureren we u het bedrag dat nodig is om uw accountsaldo aan te vullen in overeenstemming met het vereiste saldo als voorbereiding op de volgende week.

Access Your Invoice

To access your invoices, click the user settings icon in the top right corner of the AdRoll dashboard and select Billing HistoryLearn more about what each line item in your invoice means.


Changing Your Payment Method

To update your billing information, go to Settings > Billing Information in the top right corner of your dashboard. Learn more about payment options.

If you have more than one payment method on file, we'll use them as backup in case your default card fails. 

Add Additional Users

When you add additional users to your account, you have the option to give them access to billing information and tools. To adjust access for existing users, click Settings > Additional Users in the top right corner of your dashboard.

Promotional Credit

Promotional credit will never expire. It's used when your campaign starts spending and will continue to supplement your campaign spend until it runs out.


Supported Currencies

Our dashboard defaults to US Dollars (USD). If you would like to have your account currency adjusted to one of the following, please reach out to your account manager or the Customer Delight team:

  • AUD, Australische dollar
  • EUR, Euro
  • GBP, Britse pond
  • JPY, Japanse yen
  • NZD, New Zealand Dollar

Let op, eventuele wijzigingen worden alleen vanaf dat moment weergegeven in uw dashboard en facturen.

Multiple Billing Accounts

We can help you set up multiple billing accounts, but at this time this feature does not exist on the dashboard. If you need to pay for your Advertiser Profiles separately, please reach out to your account manager for help. Learn more about Advertiser Profiles.

As we create new billing accounts for each of your profiles, the credit card or PayPal account you already have set as default will be copied over. If you want your profile to be billed on a different card or account, please update the payment method on your profile right away. Learn more about how to update or delete payment methods.

Once set up, moving forward each profile requested will be billed separately, but we cannot take retroactive action on past invoices. 

Remaining Balance

Your remaining AdRoll account balance will automatically be applied to fund any remaining campaigns. If you would rather get a refund for any excess balance, please reach out to your account manager or the Customer Delight team within 180 days of campaign completion.

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