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Access your AdRoll Marketing Metrics in

What AdRoll data is available in Funnel?

Funnel displays the following AdRoll metrics, segmented by advertisable, campaign, and day:

  • Kosten
  • Klikken
  • Impressies
  • Totaal aantal conversies
  • Klikconversies
  • Weergaveconversies
  • Adjusted total conversions
  • Adjusted ctc
  • Adjusted vtc
  • Attributed rev
  • Attributed click through revenue
  • Attributed view through revenue
  • Naam campagne
  • Budget
  • Naam advertentie
  • Advertentietype
  • Formaat van advertentie
  • ________
  • Ad Status


How do I view my AdRoll marketing metrics in Funnel?


Follow these steps to get set up:


  1. Go to your Funnel account and navigate to the Configuration tab.

  2. Click Ad accounts in the left-hand column.
  3. Click + Advertising accounts.

  4. Select AdRoll from the list of advertising platforms.

  5. Enter your AdRoll login credentials.

  6. Select which profile you want to download data from.

  7. This AdRoll profile will be listed as an Ad account in Funnel.

  8. See your detailed campaign data under Data Explorer in Funnel.

  9. Take a look at the various views of your AdRoll data from your Funnel dashboard.

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