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Stati e processo di revisione di AdRoll

When you launch your campaign, we need to review it first to make sure its ready for our partner networks. Learn more about our criteria for campaign approval.

Initial review of submitted campaigns or ads is completed within one business day. You'll know we've reviewed your campaign when your campaign status is no longer Pending.

Stati di revisione

  1. Approvato: l'oggetto è stato approvato dagli amministratori di AdRoll e inoltrato al/ai network pertinenti.

  2. Pending: The item is under review and has neither been approved nor rejected yet.

  3. Sospeso: l'annuncio è stato sospeso dal team di revisione, di solito a causa di conflitti con i requisiti degli annunci.

  4. Rejected: The campaign is not compliant with site policy or requirements.

  5. Completata: è stata raggiunta la data di fine della campagna e questa non può più distribuire annunci. Puoi riprendere una campagna completata rimuovendo la data di fine o specificandone una nuova.

Once approved, your campaign or ads are submitted to our partner networks for a final review. If everything looks good, they then move forward with activation and you should begin to see the campaign serving impressions. Your campaign can begin serving as soon as 48 hours from launch.

AdRoll reserves the right to review approved campaigns at any given time. Our partner ad networks’ policies and self-regulatory bodies’ codes of conduct are constantly being reviewed and updated, and as such we may review active campaigns to ensure that they comply with current policies, codes, and legal requirements. AdRoll reserves the right to complete campaigns at any time that are no longer eligible to run. 

Come verrò informato in caso di problemi?

We'll email you if we need your attention on something we find during our review. Make sure you have campaign notifications activated. To check, head to SettingsEmail Preferences.

If you would prefer not to receive campaign notifications in email, that's ok too. These notifications are also saved in your dashboard's Message Center indicated by the bell icon.

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