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Create Dynamic Web Ads from your Dashboard

Follow these steps to create dynamic ads for your web campaigns straight from your dashboard.

  1. Click Create Ads in the right side panel and select Web Dynamic Ad to open the ad builder.

    Select Web Dynamic Ad Button

  2. Name your ad set. What you input will be appended to the end of the default naming convention: Dynamic_[ad size]_[date]. We recommend choosing a name that will be helpful when searching for ad sets (ie. theme or 'spring campaign').

  3. Drag and drop your logo or select a file from your computer. If you need to change the logo, click the X on the uploaded image and select a new image. Reference the previews to the right to see placement and appearance across all ad sizes and themes.


  4. Select your call-to-action (CTA) or input your own.

  5. Select a color to apply to the theme (the CTA button and/or background color). You can enter the hex code or select from the drop-down color palette.

  6. Select a theme. This will preview different styles, interactions, and layouts for your ads. You can click each ad for a larger preview and to interact with the ad animation.

  7. (Optional) Advanced Options allows you to enter any tracking you would like to append to your ads.


    Reminder: URL is the product URL, so 3rd party click trackers (e.g. Doubleclick) or tracking parameters (e.g. UTM parameters) are dynamically appended to each product URL.

    Editing Ads: You can change the ad name or tracking parameters in edit mode. However, if you want to change any ad elements (logo, CTA, color, or theme), you'll need to create a new ad set.

  8. Launch! You can go ahead and add your new dynamic web ads to any and all of your web campaigns.

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