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Comprendre la performance des campagnes de retargeting

In addition to the top-line metrics we report on in your dashboard, you have the option to pull custom reports.

We suggest evaluating performance on a 30 day timeframe to better understand trends and have enough data to be statistically significant to make an informed decision. In fact, the more data you take into account, the more statistically reliable your results will be. Advertisers will often pull quarterly reports to understand performance over a 3 month period.


Comprendre les termes utilisés dans les rapports

To understand your dashboard and report metrics, check out the comprehensive glossary of report terminology.


Évaluer les performances de votre campagne

When looking at campaign and ad performance, CPC and CPA are common metrics used to gauge campaign success. Generally, the less it costs you to get a click or drive a conversion, the better your campaign is doing.

Your campaign:

Look at the CPC and CPA of each of your active campaigns to identify campaigns that are performing exceptionally above or below the others.

Scale the higher-performing campaigns by increasing the weekly budget - you'll want to increase impressions on these campaigns to continue to engage with this group of customers.

For campaigns that need a boost, consider refreshing your ads or scaling back budget allocated to the campaign. 

Your ad:

Check out the CPC and CPA of your active ads. See which ads are performing better and use this to inform your creative team when they create new ads.


Considérez les données dans leur ensemble

While CPC and CPA are a quick way of evaluating your performance, there are other important metrics as well. Each provides a way to look at your campaign activity. Use your best judgment to determine what your top-line metrics are, and establish baselines so you can compare your campaign performance month over month.

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