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Integrating AdRoll and PrestaShop

This module makes it easy to connect your PrestaShop store to your AdRoll account. 


  • Places the AdRoll pixel for you.

  • Automatic creation of targeting segments including product view, cart, checkout, and purchase audience, so you can set different campaigns to drive more conversions.

  • Revenue/ROI tracking: view reporting on revenue and attribute it to your campaigns so you can understand your ROI generated through AdRoll campaigns.

  • Automatic generation of your product feed enables you to build dynamic ads from the dashboard that feature product recommendations.

Set up Your PrestaShop Integration

Sign up for an AdRoll account at Upon signup, AdRoll will check the URL you entered for a PrestaShop store match. Once your PrestaShop store is detected, click Get Started.


Install the AdRoll Module for PrestaShop

Install the AdRoll Module to your PrestaShop store.

Note: AdRoll's module is compatible with PrestaShop version 1.6 and above.


*If you see Configure AdRoll module Advertisable ID and Pixel ID marked in red (skip ahead otherwise), try uninstalling and re-installing the module again or follow the below steps.

  1. Connectez-vous au backoffice de votre boutique Prestashop.

  2. From the left menu, go to Modules > Modules & Services.image2.png

  3. Click on the Installed Modules tab, look for AdRoll Integration module and press the Configure button. image5.png

  4. In the settings page, press the button Get settings automatically from AdRoll.

  5. Vous devriez voir les nouvelles valeurs pour les champs "identifiant de la campagne" (Advertisable ID) et "identifiant du pixel" (Pixel ID).


Mise en place du webservice PrestaShop


  1. Connectez-vous au backoffice de votre boutique Prestashop.

  2. From the left menu, go to Advanced Parameters > Webservice

  3. Activez le Webservice (Requis par AdRoll pour synchroniser votre catalogue de produits avec des annonces dynamiques)

    1. Change the setting Enable PrestaShop's webservice to Yes.

    2. Click on the Save button. image1.png

  4. Créez votre clé webservice pour AdRoll (Autorisez AdRoll à accéder à votre catalogue de produits et à se synchroniser à des annonces dynamiques)

    1. Click Add new webservice key in the upper right

    2. Remplissez le formulaire de création de clé webservice :

      • Key: You can press on the “Generate” button to fill in this field automatically.

      • Key description: It can be whatever you want, like “AdRoll”.

      • Status: This indicates if the key is enabled or disabled, make sure the value is “Yes”.

      • Permissions: Make sure the row “products”, “stock_availables”,  “specific_prices” has the columns “View (GET)” checked. Screen_Shot_2017-05-23_at_4.23.32_PM.png

    3. Click on the Save button.

  5. Saisissez la clé de webservice dans votre tableau de bord AdRoll (page Onboarding)

    1. From the list of webservice keys, copy the newly created key code and paste it to the AdRoll account setup page text box. image8.png

    2. Click on the Update Key button.

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