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Approving Email Capture Forms: International Markets

On your website, there are likely many forms where you capture emails. When you opt-in to Email, we start matching user’s browsing behavior on your site with their email so you can act proactively.

However, we want to give you flexibility to target the right subscribers. You have full control to customize which email forms AdRoll Email pulls from. This step is required before launching your campaign.


Where do I change/approve the forms that Email captures?

  1. Go to your Email dashboard

  2. Navigate to the settings icon in the top right

  3. Click Email Address Collection


How do I customize which forms I want to use?

  1. Go to the Email Address Collection page. You will see a list of all the email forms AdRoll Email can collect emails from.

    Here's a cheatsheet for how to read the form field labels:



    ID del formulario

    The ID of the form in your HTML code

    Form Name

    The name of the form in your HTML code

    Email Collected Bar

    Reports how many emails are collected


    Reports where emails are being captured. We only show the top 5 instances

    Collect Emails

    Toggle button to Approve or Ignore which forms AdRoll Email captures

  2. Use the Collect Emails toggle button to select which forms AdRoll Email collects emails from. Approve means AdRoll Email will include any emails from this form; Ignore means AdRoll Email will not.

    Note: You can select Mark All to accept all forms in one go.

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