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Dynamic Ads FAQ

What are dynamic product ads?

Dynamic Creative enables advertisers to easily re-engage their site visitors with beautiful, personalized ads across devices on Web and Facebook. Based on site visitor’s browsing activity on your website, dynamic ads can feature previously-viewed, recommended, and top products. Product info is populated via the product feed you provide or that we access via Shopify or WooCommerce.

What are the benefits of running dynamic ads?

  • Drive Better Performance

    Dynamic ads drive a 2x higher click-through rate (CTR) and 50% lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) compared to static ads.

  • Anuncios personalizados

    Always reach your users with the most relevant, up-to-date content wherever your users are.

  • Hands-Free Ads

    Let dynamic ads do the heavy lifting, no additional resources or work needed.

How do I create dynamic ads?

Instantly create your web dynamic ads directly in the dashboard. Checkout the help articles for web and Facebook for additional guidance on creating and launching your dynamic ads. You will not have this tool if you do not have a product feed configured in our system. Please reach out to delight@adroll.com for assistance on this.

Which elements will the ad builder allow me to adjust?

You can change the call to action (CTA), color, and theme.

Can I edit my dynamic ads from the ad builder once they've been created?

Once you've created your ads, you can edit the ad name and the tracking parameters. You can't change the CTA or the color in edit mode, but you can always create new ad sets from the ad builder with the correct elements.

How should I target my dynamic ads?

Dynamic ads can run against any of your audience segments, and we encourage you to utilize them in all parts of the funnel whether you are targeting all visitors or a cart segment. Our recommendations engine will adjust the recommendations depending on the visitor’s browsing activity.

How many products are shown in my web dynamic ad?

The products featured in dynamic ads are personalized to each user based on the user’s browsing activity. The ads feature previously-viewed products (based on recency) and other recommended products based on similarity (users who viewed this product also viewed) and popularity (products with the most views).

Can I choose which products are featured?

Dynamic ad results are driven by user-personalized recommendations. This takes the guesswork and heavy lifting of selecting products to promote and lets our technology use your data to assess and tailor relevant content for users. If there are products you would like to exclude from your product catalogue, you can let us know delight@adroll.com.

Where do my dynamic ads click through to?

Users land on the product page URLs (provided in the feed) for the product that they click on.

What is my static backup if for some reason the dynamic content doesn't load?

The ad space will revert to your brand logo against a white background.

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