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Diving into Full Funnel Conversion Insights

¿Es la primera vez que usa Prospección?

Los informes de análisis ofrecerán mejores datos después de dos semanas de actividad de la campaña de prospección.

Your Full Funnel Insights report is broken into two parts (Full Conversion Funnel and Impact of Prospecting on Retargeting) that work together to give you more insight into the lift prospecting provides for your retargeting campaigns. Because AdRoll Prospecting serves ads to users who have never visited your website before or recently, assisted retargeting conversions are first touched (or directly driven) by your prospecting campaign. To learn how to pull a Conversion Insights report, click here.

This report uses the attribution window set in the retargeting dashboard (see below) therefore not using Prospecting's default 30 day VTC and 30 day CTC for assisted conversions. As a reminder, the default attribution window set for Retargeting is 7 days, unless manually changed. The goal is to match the assisted conversions listed in this report to what you see in the retargeting dashboard, so the “lift” is consistent.

Full Conversion Funnel

See how prospecting drives incremental lift on your retargeting conversions.

  1. Unique Users Reached: How many unique users did prospecting deliver an impression to over the last 30 days? Prospecting targets users who are likely to convert, and have not visited your website before or recently.
  2. New Visitors (to your website from Prospecting): How many unique users reached (served a display ad impression) actually made it to your website? This includes both view and click-through users (see definition in audience section). The figure does not exclude bounced users and therefore should match what is reported in the dashboard.
  3. New Visitors Retargeted: Is retargeting re-engaging the people brought in by prospecting? This metric tells you how well we are doing at retargeting new visitors.
  4. Assisted Conversions: These are conversions which occurred on retargeting only after first seeing a prospecting impression. Think of these conversions as incremental. They would not occur without prospecting first.

Impact of Prospecting on Retargeting

These metrics provide the most high-level summary of how your prospecting campaigns are providing lift on your retargeting campaigns.

  • Retargeted users that started as prospecting visitors (left): This compares the percentage of people retargeted who first saw a prospecting ad to all other retargeted visitors.
    • Think of it as this equation: Prospecting new visitors retargeted / all other retargeted visitors
    • This is important because it shows the overall scale of prospecting compared to your entire retargeting efforts. If this is a small percentage then it’s likely that you are investing in other upper funnel products like search to drive additional traffic. If this number is small, that means only a small percentage of your overall retargeting traffic is brought in by prospecting. As prospecting users are more likely to convert, this would be an opportunity to increase your prospecting budget to increase your retargeting conversions.
    • Retargeting conversions that are assisted by Prospecting (right): This metric helps answer lift by prospecting. How many retargeting conversions are a direct result from prospecting?
    • This also shows the quality of the visitors prospecting brings in. If the metric on the right is meaningful (double digits), this mean your prospecting campaign is effective. If the left metric (retargeted users that started as prospecting users) is low, in addition to the high quality of your prospecting campaign, then there’s a good opportunity to scale your campaigns. In this case, scaling your prospecting campaign would bring in even more high quality users to feed your retargeting campaign. Increasing your Prospecting budget is recommended here.

  • When Your AdRoll prospects convert on Retargeting: The graphical representation is a histogram of the account’s assisted conversions over the last 30 days with their associated last impression time (last touch direct conversions). This graph should support the attribution window you’ve set on your retargeting account (see the dark blue, vertical line). The grayed out area on the right are conversions that occur outside of your set attribution window. This number should match what’s in the prospecting dashboard for the assisted conversions value for the same date range.
  • If you see a large number of conversions occur in the grayed out area, consider the value prospecting brings beyond your set attribution window. Visitors first-touched by prospecting are different from visitors only touched by retargeting -- they are directly brought in by a prospecting campaign and have never visited your website before or recently. Therefore, conversions first touched with Assisted VTC’s are meaningful to consider in your attribution.
  • Note: Currently attribution windows are set at the account level, so they are the same across your retargeting and prospecting campaigns.


  • CTR of Visitors Retargeted Over Last 30 Days: This graph compares the retargeting click through rate of visitors brought by prospecting vs. all other channels. If your prospecting visitors’ CTR rate is higher than all other visitors -- your prospecting campaign is driving higher quality visitors to your site. If vice versa, optimizing your prospecting campaign is advised.

  • Retargeting Rate of Prospecting Visitors Over Last 30 Days: Your non-bounced visitors brought in by prospecting are high quality visitors. How good of a job are we targeting these high quality visitors with retargeting? This should give you a good sense if your retargeting campaigns need to be reconfigured to capture the prospecting visitors. Retargeting your high quality visitors should lead to more conversions (and therefore more ROI) for you.

  • Top Segments with Prospecting Visitors: These are the top segments (pages) where prospecting visitors landed. The higher the percentage, the more prospecting visitors are engaging with this segment.
  • Tip: Consider targeting a top segment on a retargeting to increase assisted conversions on your retargeting rate. In other words, this list surfaces your most engaging web pages -- doing retargeting segmentation off these pages will lead to higher performance.
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