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Getting Started with Labs

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What is AdRoll Labs?

AdRoll Labs is our R&D department--a place where customers can get involved with products as they're being developed.

By participating in Labs, you get free access to the latest test products and features before they're available to anyone else. You will also have a direct line to our product and engineer teams so any feedback you give us will directly impact what and how we build.


How do I use Labs?

1. Head to Labs using the dropdown in the top left corner of your dashboard.

2. Click "Explore the lab."

3. Scroll through the lab to learn about new tests available to you.

4. If one catches your eye, click the blue "EXPLORE" button. This drops you directly into the product environment.

5. Love it, hate it, or just confused by it--we want to know. Click "Send feedback" to let us know how we can improve the product for you.

Head back to the Labs homepage at any time using the same dropdown menu in the top left corner.


How will I know when new tests are added?

Scroll to the bottom of the Labs homepage and click "Sign up now." Be the first to know as tests are added to Labs and get early access to new features on our more mature products.

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