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Captar direcciones electrónicas en un iFrame

What is an iframe?

An iframe loads HTML content from a different domain onto your website. Think of it as a page embedded in a page. The page served in an iframe has its own URL and operates separately from the rest of the page, so what happens in the iframe stays in the iframe.


What does this have to do with Email?

For security purposes, most web technologies don’t allow a 3rd party javascript library like ours read the content of an iframe. That means that emails that are captured through iframe won’t be matched to AdRoll cookies and therefore won’t be used in Email campaigns.


How do I know if my site uses an iframe?

The most common scenario we've come across is with email capture popups. Another scenario might be within your checkout system. In general, if you use any external tools to serve an element of your page there's a chance it's serving through an iframe.

How to check if that page element is an iframe

1. Right click on the element.

2. "Inspect Element."

3. Look into the code that loads. If the parent element contains the below HTML, it is an iframe.

<iframe src=...> ... </iframe>


What do I do if it is an iframe?

In order to read and collect visitor emails, your AdRoll Pixel needs to be firing on the page where the email is being submitted. Whether you have direct access to the contents of you use an external tool, you will want to add your AdRoll Pixel so it fires within the iframe. 

There are a lot of tools that work with AdRoll Email and are free to use. For example: 

  • privy.com 
  • sumome.com 
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