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Using Custom Reports

In addition to the topline metrics we report on in your dashboard, you have the option to pull custom reports to help you dig a little deeper into your campaign's performance.

We suggest evaluating performance on a 30-day time frame in order to better understand trends and have enough data to be statistically significant to make an informed decision. In fact, the more data you take into account, the more statistically reliable your results will be. Advertisers will often pull quarterly reports to understand performance over a three-month period.


Descripción de la terminología utilizada en los informes

The following glossary outlines all terminology and metrics that you may encounter in the reports you generate. The first step to evaluating your campaign performance is making sure that you understand the report.

Campaign Descriptions


Current status of each campaign

  • Active: campaign is live and serving impressions
  • Paused: campaign is not currently spending but can be resumed at any time
  • Completed: campaign has ended and cannot be resumed
  • Suspended: campaign has been put on-hold by AdRoll; reach out to the Customer Delight team for more information
Campaña Indicates the name of the campaign
Tipo Indicates campaign type, i.e., retargeting or prospecting
Presupuesto semanal

Total amount that you want the campaign to spend over the week

Created Date

Date the campaign was originally created

Start Date

Date the campaign served its first impression

End Date

Date the campaign was completed, if applicable

Actividad de la campaña

Spend over Period How much the campaign spent over the date range selected 
Impresiones Number of times an ad was displayed over the date range selected


Campaign metrics

CPM Cost per thousand impressions, average cost to have your ad serve 1000 times over the date range selected
Clics Number of times an ad was clicked over the date range selected
CTR (Tasa de clics) Click-through rate, percentage of impressions that resulted in a click over the date range selected
CPC Cost per click, spend divided by the number of clicks over the date range selected
CPA Cost per acquisition, spend divided by the number of conversions over the date range selected
Click CPA Cost per click acquisition, spend divided by the number of click conversions over the date range selected
Total Conversions (Conv.) Total number of conversions (both click and view-through) that occurred over the date range selected
Tasa total conv. Percentage of impressions that resulted in a conversion
Conv. Click Click-through conversions, number of conversions after someone clicks an ad

Tasa CTC

Click-through conversion rate, percentage of impressions that resulted in a click conversion

Conv. View

View-through conversions, number of conversions after someone saw an ad, but did not click

Tasa VTC

View-through conversion rate, percentage of impressions that resulted in a view-through conversion

"Adjusted" Conversion Columns

The definition of each column is the same as those listed above, unless you have adjusted the attribution setting on your profile. If you've specified a custom attribution window, we report on conversion data for both default and adjusted attribution. Standard conversion windows are set at 7 days in the dashboard. If you would like to adjust your attribution settings, go to "Attribution" in your "Settings" menu


Evaluación del rendimiento de la campaña

Cuando se consulta el rendimiento de una campaña y de un anuncio, suelen utilizarse las métricas CPC y CPA para determinar su éxito. Por lo general, el rendimiento de la campaña será superior cuanto menos cueste un clic o generar una conversión.

On your campaign

Look at the CPC and CPA of each of your campaigns that are running to identify campaigns that are performing exceptionally well or poorly compared to the others.

Scale the campaigns that are performing well by increasing the weekly budget—you want to increase impressions on these campaigns to continue to engage with this group of customers.

For campaigns that need a little work, consider a creative refresh (your ads may not be resonating with your audience) or scaling back budget allocated to the campaigns.  

On your ad

Examine el CPC y el CPA de los anuncios que ejecuta en sus campañas. Identifique los factores distintivos de los anuncios que presentan buen rendimiento y notifique esos detalles al equipo de creatividad para que puedan utilizarlos en los próximos anuncios que vayan a crear.


VIsión global

While CPC and CPA are a quick way of evaluating your performance, it is not the only way of evaluating your campaign. Each metric simply provides one way of looking at your campaign activity. Use your best judgment to determine what your topline metrics are, and establish baselines so you can compare your campaign performance month over month.

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