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Launching a Prospecting Campaign on Facebook and Instagram

If you're interested in finding new audiences to bring to your site, running prospecting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to find and connect with new people. See the instructions below on how to launch your AdRoll Prospecting campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Make sure you are opted into Prospecting

  2. Go to Launch a Campaign in your dashboard

    1. Select Facebook

    2. Select Prospect Only

    3. Keep your Campaign Objective as Send People to your website


  3. Define your target audience. You can select an existing prospecting audience or create a new one. 

Creating a New Prospecting Audience

  1. Select your source audience.

    • We recommend using your conversion audience as the source audience.

    • The minimum source audience size is 100 users.

  2. Select your audience country. Facebook requires each prospecting audience to be assigned to a specific country.

    • You can geotarget from the Locations section of your campaign set up.

    • Example: If you want to geo target NY, you must create a US lookalike segment and then geo target to NY. If you want to target more than 1 country, you must create a lookalike segment per country.

  3. Select Audience Size. You have three options.

    • Optimize for Similarity: This will give you the smallest audience, but it will be most similar to your source audience (1% deviance from source audience)

    • Optimize for Reach: This will give you a large audience that may not be as similar to your source audience (5% deviance from source audience)

    • Optimize for Similarity vs. Reach (Recommended): This will allow you to customize how you want to create the audience on a scale from 1 to 20. The closer you get to 1, the smaller/more similar the audience will be, and the larger, more broad audience is closer to 20.

  4. Add budget and bid strategies. You're now ready to launch!


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