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Using Automated Campaigns

There are two ways to run a campaign on AdRoll. You can have full control using manual campaigns or you can choose to run Automated Campaigns.


What are Automated Campaigns?

Automated campaigns save you time, without compromising performance. Once you're set up, Automated Campaigns pace and optimize toward your goal with no manual work. Simply tell us your goal and overall budget, and Automated Campaigns will help you reach them.


How do Automated Campaigns work?

AdRoll uses artificial intelligence to pace and optimize your campaigns. We fine-tune your campaigns until you get the right performance across campaigns using your overall budget.


Here are a few ways we adjust campaigns:

  • Budget allocation: we bid across web and social and favor higher-performing campaigns

  • Bidding techniques: we get you the right user at the right price

  • Segment duration: target visitors for the ideal duration


Are Automated Campaigns right for me?

Automated campaigns are most successful when you have a clear goal and consistent budget. You also have to be comfortable with AdRoll managing campaigns and shifting budgets across campaigns in order to maximize spend within your overall budget. We don’t recommend it if you plan to make manual budget changes.


Can I edit my automation settings?

You can edit your Automated Campaigns' budget, CPC goal, and schedule at any time.


¿Por dónde debo empezar?

Get started by automating  your campaigns here.

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