Ad Review Process

Ads are reviewed to make sure that they are safe, suitable for everyone, and adhere to our Advertising Policies

How the Review Process works?

Ad Review Process

Once an ad is added to a campaign, it will be triggered into our Ad Review Process to ensure the content on the Ad Landing Page and Ad Image is compliant with our Advertising Policies. During this review process, the ad status will be In Review

  • The content in your ad image or video will be reviewed, as well as the content on the ad landing page. Any text associated with the ad such as the headline or description will also be reviewed. 
  • If the ad passes the review process, the ad status will change to Approved. The ad will start to run once it is added to an active campaign. 
  • If the ad does not pass the review process, the ad status will change to Suspended. This means the ad is not eligible to run in any campaigns. An email will be sent with more details of the policy violation and information on how to fix the ad so that it is compliant with our Advertising Policies
Note: If an ad has been uploaded to the Ad Library but not yet added to a campaign the ad status will be Not In Review. In order for an ad to be reviewed, it must be added to a campaign. Learn more about Ad Creation and Uploading here.

Campaign Review Process

When at least one ad in the campaign is Approved the campaign status will update automatically to Running.

Note: If your campaign is not running, there may be several reasons why. Please see this article on Campaign Status Definitions to learn more.

Review Status 

Learn more about Ad Statuses here. 

Learn more about Campaign Statuses here. 

How long does the Review Process take? 

Generally, the ads are reviewed within one business day. Ad review may take longer if a more comprehensive review is required.

Ad Exchange Partners Review Process

NextRoll is partnered with over 500 ad exchanges and publishers, and we must ensure that our policies are aligned and compliant at all times. NextRoll has a stringent Ad Review Process and places huge importance on vetting the quality and safety of ads that we submit to our partner ad exchanges. Once an ad is approved by NextRoll, it is then submitted to our partner ad exchanges for approval. It is possible for ads to be blocked by our partners for policy violations. NextRoll is unable to re-approve ads in these instances. 

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