Using Abandoned Cart Email Templates

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AdRoll’s default Abandoned Cart templates can be used in a Cart Abandonment automated workflow. These templates are premade and available in your Email Template Library.

Generally speaking, your cart abandonment email template should match the brand and styles of all your other email templates. However, the most compelling component of this email template is the dynamic content block that pulls in the product left in a recipient's cart.


When creating your Abandoned Cart email template, it’s recommended to only insert products that were added to the recipient’s cart. The primary goal of this email is to drive recipients back to their cart to complete their purchase. If other products are added, it could distract your customers from completing their original purchase and decrease conversion rates.


A product feed is required to add abandoned cart products in an email or set up a cart abandonment campaign. The fastest way to sync your store’s product data with AdRoll is to complete an e-commerce integration.  

If you’re not using one of our e-commerce integrations, contact customer support and a representative can guide you on getting your product feed set up.

Premade Templates

AdRoll provides two premade email templates for cart abandonment campaigns. These templates are called:

  1. Convert Cart Abandoners (Your Brand)
    This is a branded template that automatically reflects your brand assets and styles set in the Brand Manager
  2. Abandoned Cart

To access these templates:

  1. Navigate to the Email Templates tab in your AdRoll Dashboard

  2. Search or filter your templates by Cart Abandonment

  3. Select a template to customize


The templates already include important product details that you don’t need to edit unless to remove them. You do not need to update the cart URL either—this is populated for you.

Layout Options

AdRoll also has additional layout options, enabling you to further control how an abandoned product(s) displays. When you’re editing an email template, access these layout options by:

  1. Navigating to the Premade Content tab in the right-hand panel.
  2. Here you’ll see a dropdown. Select Abandoned Cart Recovery.
  3. Choose between 3 layout options- 

    - Main Abandoned Cart Product
    - List of 3 Cart Products
    - 2 Abandoned Cart Products Side by Side


Each block can be customized to match your brand and already includes important product details, such as:

  1. Product Image
  2. Product Title
  3. Product Description
  4. Product Price
  5. Cart URL

Main Abandoned Cart Product

This block automatically features the first unpurchased product added to the recipient’s cart.


It’s not recommended to add more than one of these blocks to a single email because the same product would display multiple times.

List of 3 Abandoned Cart Products

This block automatically populates a list of up to 3 unpurchased products added to the recipient’s cart when sent.


The best part about this block is that you can change the max number of products listed. To increase or decrease the number of products:

  1. Click Edit Condition in the right-hand panel after adding the block to your template.
  2. Edit the Before display condition to increase or decrease the number of products that can display.



Example “Before” display condition scenarios:

  1. Display up to 5 unpurchased products
    {% for product in abandoned_cart.products limit:5 %}

  2. Display all unpurchased products
    {% for the product in abandoned_cart.products %}

2 Abandoned Cart Products Side by Side

This block populates 2 products next to each other.


It’s not recommended to add more than one of these blocks to a single email because the same two products would display multiple times.

Advanced Editing

If you have advanced editing needs for your cart abandonment templates or campaign, our support team is here to help you. Simply contact us anytime. 

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