Disconnecting Connected Ad Channels

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To disconnect a social channel from AdRoll, please follow the steps below provided for each social channel. 


  1. Go to your Pinterest Business account settings > Security and Logins
  2. Find AdRoll and select “revoke”


  1. Go to your TikTok Ads Manager > User settings> Authorizations. If you have a Business Center set up, you can also find and remove AdRoll there
  2. Find “AdRoll” and press “Remove”.  *Please note, once you have revoked access, AdRoll will no longer be importing reporting data and edits will not be able to be made via the AdRoll UI

Meta (Facebook/Instagram)

  1. Go to your Meta business manager settings > Accounts > Ad Accounts
  2. Select the ad account you connected to AdRoll 
  3. Under “Partners”, you should see AdRoll > Remove AdRoll as a partner

Google Ads

  1. Click the account profile in the top right corner, then click ‘Manage your Google Account’.
  2. Click the ‘Data & Privacy’ option then scroll down to the ‘Data from apps and services you use’ section.
  3. Click AdRoll to view the remove access option.

AdRoll Dashboard Settings

  1. Navigate to the integrations page in AdRoll and select the channel you want to disconnect. Once you have removed access via Pinterest/Tikok/Facebook, the channel will say “Connection Lost”. This status change can take up to 48 hours.
  2. Select “Confirm Disconnection”. Once the disconnection is confirmed, all campaigns associated with the ad account will be removed from AdRoll
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