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Understanding Monthly Unique Visitors 

AdRoll uses Monthly Unique Visitors (MUVS), as a part of our pricing – specifically for the Marketing & Ads Plus package. MUV is a very common website metric to understand the volume of your website's traffic. This metric can be easily found in places like a company’s Google Analytics or e-commerce platform e.g Shopify. 

What is “Monthly Unique Visitors (MUV)”?

Monthly Unique Visitors (MUV) refers to the number of unique individuals who go to a website during a given month. It's a very common metric used to measure your website traffic.

Why does AdRoll use MUV to price the Marketing & Ads Plus package?

AdRoll uses Monthly Unique Visitors as part of our pricing - specifically for the Marketing & Ads Plus Package. Some marketing platforms base their pricing on the number of contacts; which makes sense when they allow you to market to these identified contacts (i.e. people for whom you have an email address). AdRoll is unique in that we enable marketing to both identified and anonymous contacts. Our subscription fees are based on web traffic – in the form of MUV – as the best measure of all the identified and anonymous contacts you can reach using AdRoll.

Where can I find my website's Monthly Unique Visitor metric?

The two easiest places to find your website’s MUV are Google Analytics and your e-commerce platform. See our simple guide for quick and easy step-by-step instructions to retrieve your MUVs from Google Analytics and Shopify.

If you don't have access to Google Analytics or Shopify please contact our Customer Support Team for further assistance.

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