Create a Dynamic Contact List

Note: List Builder & Dynamic Lists is scheduled to be retired on January, 31 2024.

Contacts in AdRoll can be organized into two types of lists; Dynamic Lists and Static Lists.

How to create a Dynamic List? 

  1. Navigate to the Audiences section on your dashboard and click on Contacts. 
  2. Click on Create New List button in the upper right corner. 


  3. Select Create a Dynamic List to open the list builder. 


  4. First name the list and then add conditions to refine the target audience. Here you can set the rules and criteria for the list you are creating. Rules are divided into two sections, Inclusion (a customer has) and Exclusion (a customer has not) Criteria. 



  5. Lastly, Save your list once complete. 

List Builder Primary Controls:




List Name

The name of the list


Inclusion Criteria

Specify inclusion criteria defining the conditions upon which contacts enter the list. You can create multiple rules using AND and OR rules.


Exclusion Criteria

Specify exclusion criteria defining the conditions which eject contacts from the list or prevent them from joining in the first place. You can create multiple rules using AND and OR rules.


And Button

Create an additional AND rule.  The OR rule becomes available to use after a condition is completely defined.


Copy Rule

Ability to duplicate the rule. Useful when building complex lists with many rules.


Delete Rule

Removes the rule from the list criteria.


Count Preview

The count of contacts and contacts with email addresses that will be on the list according to the Inclusion & Exclusion rules. The count refreshes every time a rule is updated.


Save List

Save button to create the list.



We offer two types of Inclusion and Exclusion conditions: Performed an Event or having specific Attributes. 

  1. Performed an Event: Events in List Builder are pulled from Pixel or eCommerce platform activity. And are the individual interactions that a contact has with brands like viewed page, viewed product placed order, opened email, etc. After selecting an event type you can specify the number of times it should occur and over what period of time. 

    The funnel icon allows you to add additional filtering that is contextual to each event type. For example, below is how you create URL rules on the Viewed Page event type:


    When specifying URL filters, do not use wildcards like * or ?. Unlike the old URL rule builder, wildcards are no longer needed because the List Builder offers a simple contains the rule. 

    Observe the additional filter options for the Shopify Placed Order event are totally different and contextual to that event type. Each event type has its own unique list of additional filters.


  2. Attributes: Attributes are properties of the contact like name, email address, LTV (lifetime value), number of orders, etc. Users can also upload custom Attributes to AdRoll in CSV lists and use those in list criteria.


For creating a Static List, please refer to Create a Static List. 


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