Creating Lists in AdRoll

Note: List Builder & Dynamic Lists is scheduled to be retired on January, 31 2024.

List builder is a segmentation tool used to organize your contacts into targeted lists based on their events and attributes. Contact information comes from a variety of sources including the AdRoll Pixel, CSV uploads, AdRoll email usage, and any enabled integrations like Shopify.

Contact Events are the individual interactions that a contact has had with your brand like viewed a webpage, placed an order, opened an email. Contact Attributes are properties of the contact, like name, email address, lifetime value (LTV), number of orders, etc. You can also create custom attributes like VIP status, loyalty number, etc., using the CSV list uploader.

How does it work?

List builder creates cross-channel Static and Dynamic lists that pull data from identified and anonymous contacts, including the Pixel, into a single list definition that can be used for both ad and email campaigns. List builder audiences support more than one rule, utilize AND/OR rules, and allow for various time durations. For example, you could create a list where the definition is “Viewed 3 pages in the last 30 days & Placed Order containing the product ‘red shirt’.

Contacts in AdRoll can be organized into two types of lists; Static Lists and Dynamic Lists.

What is a Static List?

A Static List is fixed, it does not update automatically based on the changes in the contact’s events and attributes. You can create or add a Static list via CSV upload. Static Lists do not have Rules nor Durations. Contacts remain in Static lists forever, unless manually removed by you. Learn how to create a Static Contact List here.

What is a Dynamic List? 

A Dynamic List updates automatically based on the rules applied. Contacts remain and exit the list according to whether the contacts satisfy the inclusion criteria of the list. Dynamic Lists are built using the List builder - Learn how to create a Dynamic Contact List here.



Where can I use the lists?

You can use these lists to engage with your customers across both Display Ad and Email campaigns.  

Accessing your Contact Lists

  1. You can access your contact lists within the Audiences section of the left-hand navigation bar, by clicking on Contacts. If you have integrated with Shopify you will see additional data gathered by our partner integration. 


    2. You can click on a particular list to see its member contacts and search among them to get a holistic account of contact activity to better understand your customer's journey. 


    To learn about how best you can create a list of contacts in detail, please refer to the Create a Static List and Create a Dynamic List help article. 

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